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The concept is a simple one… to preemptively ambush the unsuspecting target pest before they have the opportunity to take your blood involuntarily.

If you are tired of applying repellents to your skin, swatting at little bloodsuckers that are faster than you are, or not being able to go out and enjoy what you worked hard to obtain, you need a Bug Slayer System.

Not being able to enjoy your property during the nicest times a year due to mosquitoes, no see-um and other flying biting pests is very frustrating. In the Florida climate, mosquitoes can get downright nasty certain times of the year.

If it flies… it dies!


Bug slayer mosquito control, uses a patented method, to killing and repel mosquitoes, no see-ums, lake midges, spiders, wasps, and flies. As a licensed pest control company, we not only fall under the jurisdiction of the Florida Department of Agriculture, but also guidelines from the Environmental Protection Agency.

The Bug Slayer System is an auto spray insect management system. The system is installed on private property and is geared toward the elimination of mosquitoes, no see-um, and other flying biting pests. The bug slayer system works like having your own, full-time, pest control operator working in your yard, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The bug slayer system has had over years of hands-on, field-tested success, through licensed, certified pest-control operators, throughout the United States and the Caribbean regions of the world.


We manufacture, sell, install and service the nation’s most effective and affordable outdoor misting and cooling systems. We service all of Hillsboro, Polk and Pinellas counties, from Port Richey to Sarasota, Florida.

From commercial enterprises like LEGOLAND to residential backyards, we’re the company 1000s of businesses and home owners have called to resolve mosquitoe issues, provide misting solutions, etc.

As Outdoor Comfort Specialists, we specialize in customizing your systems to meet your exact needs and budget for residential or commercial applications.

We put you in control of your outdoor entertaining areas temperatures and air flow with the Heat Slayer Cool Mist and Fog System. Now you can enjoy those outdoor areas as much as the indoors, in complete comfort.


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