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No See Um Bites St. Petersburg

No See Um Bites St. Petersburg

no see um bites St. Petersburg

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No See Um bites St. Petersburg are very common. Fortunately, Bug Slayer Worldwide LLC provides the best services in order to kill and repel no see ums. Bug Slayer uses the same effective system that kills and repels mosquitoes, the bug slayer mosquito control system.

No see um bites St. Petersburg are predictable as they only attack at dusk and dawn. If you live in St. Petersburg, don’t just wait to get bites from no see ums.  However, if you are bit then there are a few basics to know.  The first thing to do is clean the bite by using soap and water. You can apply topical anaesthetics, calamine lotion, or any other anti itch cream found at your local drug store. You can also try some home remedies like mixing baking soda and water into a paste and apply it to the affected area. Rubbing alcohol can also be applied in order to remedy the itching.

Contact Bug Slayer today and avoid the itch and hassle of dealing with pesky no see um bites St. Petersburg.

No See Um Bites St. Petersburg

no see um bites St. PetersburgOpening their doors in 2002 under the name Bye-Bye Bugs, Bug Slayer Worldwide LLC has over fifteen years in the business of mosquito pest control.  In 2004 we created our own custom mosquito misting systems, which we named the Bug Slayer Mosquito Control System, and now we supply these systems throughout the United States as well as in the Caribbean.

Though people are well aware of the nuisance caused by mosquitoes, many people mistakenly blame mosquitoes for the bites of other flying insects as well.  Our patented misting technology is used to repel mosquitoes, no see-ums, lake midges, spiders, wasps and flies.  The idea is to prevent insects so that bug bites don’t happen while you are out enjoying your lawn on a nice sunny day.  We achieve this through our auto spray insect management system, the Bug Slayer System.  It is installed on both residential and commercial property and is the nation’s most effective and affordable outdoor misting and cooling system.

Though we specialize in bug repellent we also found our clients were looking for a temperature system for their yards as well.  As the Outdoor Comfort Specialists, we were excited to fill that need with our Heat Slayer Cool Mist and Fog System.  Like having a personal air conditioner outside in your lawn, you will never have to worry about being uncomfortable from the heat and bugs again.

no see um bites St. PetersburgCall Bug Slayer Worldwide LLC today at (727) 556-0000 to schedule your free consultation and talk to one of our specialists about how we can help make the outdoors more comfortable for you.  Because we work with both residential and commercial properties we are able to create a tailor made system to meet your particular needs and budget.  We can’t wait to get started helping you enjoy your summers even more, mosquito free.

No See Um Bites St. Petersburg