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Outdoor Comfort Experts

Outdoor Comfort Experts

Outdoor Comfort Experts



Over 4,000,000,000 Bugs Terminated!!!



1,000+ Misting Systems Installed!


About Us

On April 1, 2002 Bug Slayer Mosquito Systems, Inc. began our business operations. Today we are the Tampa Bay’s oldest and largest provider in this specialized service industry. We have installed over 1,500 residential and commercial misting systems in the Tampa misting fan odessaBay area. Our expertise in this product line of automatic insect misting systems is second to none. Initially, we used the services of other companies to build the equipment to serve our clients in this burgeoning marketplace. We had less than desirable outcomes from other manufactures.  In 2004, we developed our own custom line of Mosquito Misting Systems, and today supply a growing network of authorized dealers throughout the Southeastern United States and the Caribbean Region.  Over the years, we have gained the practical knowledge needed to create the type of systems that allow for complete customer control as well as a high level of consumer safety.

As our business grew, we found our customers wanted additional misting services from our company.  In 2004, we installed our first Heat Slayer Outdoor Cool Misting System and have gradually evolved into a customer installation and marketing provider for some of the world’s finest cool misting builders.  The challenge is to enhance your outdoor environment to a point of it becoming an extension of your living spaces.  Cool misting services are available to residential as well as commercial applications, in both restaurants and hospitality venues. Businesses are now transforming outdoor spaces into revenue streams by adding cool misting.  In barns, stables and kennels, where animals have to face the heat, cooled mist environments have been shown to reduce animal stress. Fog-Scaping for outdoor landscape and water feature projects allow you the opportunity to build in unique misting presentations, to normally ordinary structures.  From identifying your specific needs, through development of your custom misting system, with installation and follow up service, our goal is to build comfort and ambiance through misting.

With over 16 years of hands on experience in the outdoor comfort industry, our company enjoys great stability. We’ve continued to grow, through good times and bad. There is no replacing experience.  We have learned what works.  We have trained techs, many with over 10 years of experience in the field.  From site evaluation, to installation, trouble shooting and repairs, we can meet or exceed your expectations.  We specialize in the Misting business; Mosquito Misting and Cool Misting.  We are specialist in our field, we do not reinvent ourselves periodically offering other types of unrelated products.  You can only be the best in your field of endeavor, if we focus and perform.

As founder of our company, I don’t play office.  I enjoy the opportunity to lead our crews daily in the field.  I personally participate in each installation.  Your positive outcome is my passion.  We are committed to you. I believe that is why we enjoy many long term and repeat customers.

Sam Velong,

President & General Manager